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in congress. this debate is continuing. martin, i will tell you, we are getting a lot of messages across all platforms, tweeting with you-all at joshlevscnn, also facebook joshlevscnn. send us an ireport, video if you want to, we might share some of this right here, one way of getting your message out to the country and to lawmakers in these final hours before the end of the year, which could bring with it some big, big, big financial changes for all of us. >> absolutely, josh, hope the folks in washington are listening and watching. thank you. >> thank you. >>> deadline for that fiscal cliff, well, we have said it, 32 hours. we will bring you the latest on its major sticking points. ♪ [ woman ] ♪ what i want this season ♪ if you'd like to try and guess ♪ ♪ it is something very special ♪ i would readily confess [ dogs barking ] ♪ 'cause all i want this season ♪ ♪ is something from your heart ♪ la da da, la da da [ male announcer ] thinking of others this holiday season, travelers.
of congress today as they are debating this final deal? caller: i would tell them that i think is funny how the government is occurring, as the lady said at the beginning of the show, over other people's money. who gives the government, democrats and liberals, obama, or anybody who has the right to decide when another american is wealthy? in the constitution, it is said that we have the ability to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. all this bickering is restricting and punishing achievement. i make next to nothing because of my past. i did my time. i do not care what they do. personally, i hope nothing happens, because i know the game. right before the deadline hits, they will pass something. i have been watching this for enough years to see that they will pass it. it will pass something because they have to play this game. host: charles from maryland, thank you for the call. trawls brings up a rebel. he will be on meat -- "meet the press" this morning. the highlight will be president obama on nbc's "meet the press." on abc this morning, senator chuck schumer. along with jo
into the social security trust fund. now it becomes a sacrificial lamb in the debates. congress is doing nothing about a farm bill. milk prices will probably go to $7 a gallon. the problem i have and i think the american people have is you have to admit we have too many politicians in washington. >> toledo, ohio, glen is next up. go ahead. >> i believe in these tax cuts the base of taxes was diminished. some people are paying no tax that were previously paying tax reform. the base of 47% of people do not pay any income tax. we need to extend the base so people feel a responsibility for the government instead of having either handouts or having no regard for what is happening because they do not pay anything. we need to extend the base. i do not expect people will be paying a lot, but they should be paying something. >> we heard from the republican conference chair john thune. we do not know about the democrats yet. there is a look outside the senate. the meeting likely to breaking up shortly. we expect to hear from democratic leaders shortly. we will continue with your phone calls. mary is in tu
with these programs expiring. >> follow-up on what jason was asking about big issues for the upcoming congress. you have a top rating for the nra. use support their proposal to put armed guards in schools it erode the will be a big debate over the next year. -- schools? >> it will be a big debate over the next year. there 1100 schools that have that have anheire ability to protect the young people and teachers. it has worked well in indiana. it is not lead to an escalation in violence. it could be a good proposal as part of what is being done. we need to take a comprehensive look at how we handle mental health. the way we treat those who are mentally ill is very different than it was even 20 years ago. some of that is because we have had medical advances that allow folks to tackle challenges of medicine. we need to ask ourselves whether other people on the streets today the would not have been there just a few short decades ago. and how are we going to do that. history shows that when you have bands, they keep guns away from folks who are law-abiding citizens or not the problem -- bans, they keep g
of it. i viewed him as an almost irreplaceable resource in this debate. he knows more about our federal budget and the deficit challenge we face than any member of congress. period. all the rest of us have learned so much from him, and we're certainly going to miss him. but we need to continue this effort that he started to reduce the deficit. we need to look seriously at our entitlement programs so that at the end of the day we meet our obligation to future generations. social security is solvent for 20 years. we should make it solvent for 75. and we can do it. if we face it today, we can do it. i think we ought to have a separate commission taking a look at this challenge, reporting back to congress and entertaining alternatives and substitutes on the floor that will meet, certify to meet the same goal. that is important. we also know that medicare in 12 years will not have the resources it needs to meet its obligations. 40 million or 50 million americans depend on it for, literally for their life and death issues when it comes to health care. we need to work on that immediately to de
the debt ceiling, there's big pressure on republicans in congress to approve that. it's a big debate with them because they don't like to and then you have all of wall street looking at this, wondering whether we're going to be able to pay our bills and remember what happened last time around, the markets sold off 2000 points over a two month period. it was very dramatic. and really hurt people's 401(k)'s. >> harris: well, if you can't pay your bills you get a downgrade and we've seen that we could get our credit downgraded. >> again, again, that's the not good news. because you know what happens when you have a low credit rating, you can't borrow as much money. >> harris: that's what happens-- it costs you more to borrow and that's the trouble with that and all this have coming together, it could be, it could be a tough open for the new york stock exchange tomorrow morning. we'll be watching closely. none of this comes as a surprise to professional traders who have been watching this for weeks, with selloffs in the market every single day last week, so they know what's happening, kn
and we're now negotiations are at an impas impasse, it's the divided dysfunctional congress at a new low. we all knew that the grand bargain which we've been talking about and debating which would need a genuine entitlement spending reform. revenue increases, we're trying to put a patch not to go over the cliff. which would be a kick in the teeth to the economy as we're starting to recover. putting chained cpi on the table. the president spoke about it on "meet the press." in the context of a larger grand bargain. the fact that the two sides seem blocked and back-channeling between mcconnell and biden, that's not a good sign for the country. we're hours away from the cliff here and there seems to be a stalemate in washington. >> what do you think happens, do they cut a deal or are they just trying to figure out who gets the blame if america goes over the cliff? >> they should all get the blame. polls show that republican obstruction would get the brunt in the near term. the problem is this isn't just a political problem. this is an economic problem. the combined pack could take the econo
that was ridiculous. but there's a, you know, you can look at congress and why can't we get anything done? but the bottom line is we can't get anything done. we can't make big decision anymore. at least it seems that way. and so the debate is not necessarily if we're on track, but who do we get back? how do we fix it? and that's i think where the debate is. >> u know, whenever we get into pessimistic moods i always think of my favorite churchill line that americans always do the right thing after first exhausting all of the other possibilities. and we've been through a rough time. we had 9/11, we had two wars that we got bogged down in and it became very unpopular, then we had the greatest economic crash since the great depression, so yea, we haven't been in a great mood as a country, and i think we do think we need to fix things, and we do confront a global economy that's quite different from where we were 20 or 30 years ago, but i'm actually not a pessimist about this. i feel like we've begun to come out from under some of these things, and that we still have a lot of problems to grappl
attention. guest: when they have had a debate everyone votes against it. guest: there might be something where one congress has to do before congress and. i'm not sure. guest: a congressional salary increases to a lame duck session is a little suspect. if they are going to do it they should do it openly in take responsibility. i can remember bob michael getting up and saying i am proud of voting for this. if you want it to the congressman vote for somebody else. that is a gutsy thing to do. he kept getting reelected. host: john from pennsylvania. caller: thank you for having me. i think the problem is in gdp. we do not produce anything. we do not create any jobs. as far as china is concerned we do not hit that high of a tariff on their imports. i believe it is a lot higher. the whole thing was steve jobs. he treated the apple computer in his garage. when he got successful theme of his company over to china giving chinese people jobs. if steve jobs was born in china he would not even be able to create the apple computer. we just do not do enough for the people of this country. the people
to act. so to blame the congress, the houses, the only body that has acted responsibly is pretty disingenuous on the part of the president. >> reporter: congressman kucinich, you will get something back today that you can debate in the house? >> we can only hope that. but let me state something, that is that we have over 10 million americans out of work. how come this isn't being discussd? how about more taxpayers? how about putting america back to work? rebuilding the infrastructure? it is discussion, there is no discussion about getting america back to work. that is just is further proof that the system isn't working. the senate's sitting on, what? every proppings bill right now? there is no action that has come out of it. the house has passed 7. the senate hasn't taken action. look, we have a whole appropriations process that is falling apart in the last couple of years, whether it is hyperpartisanship or outside interest groups because of buckley versus vallejo. we have a system that is not working for the american people. with people needing jobs and having to save their hom
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10